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In our name, the authentic tradition handed down from father to son. In our headquarters in Murano, the roots of the rich artistic heritage of the Venetian territory. In our hands, the passion and skill of craftsmanship. In our eyes, the vision of a future where beauty from the past finds new reflections and new shapes.

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A timeless journey into the excellence of traditional Venetian artistic mirrors

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Ongaro e Fuga for the...

Jul 13
We are in the most elegant U.K nightclub! The Annabel's...

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Exhibition ''Merletto (crochet) of Murano''...

Jul 13
Our Merletto di Murano from creation up to its exhibition....

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O & F in Interni...

Jul 13
The Ongaro & Fuga is appeared in the Interni Magazine...

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We put our workmanship and the force of tradition at the disposal of the creative flair of artists and designers


Just like our name comes from the encounter between the pride of the Hungarian mountains and the freshness of the waters and the colours of Murano, our mirrors combine the solidity of the finest materials and craftsmanship precision with the lightness of art